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well im not gonna blame you now that ive red the..

comments but i saw this and all i could think about was WHAT THE FUCK WHERE YOU THINKING?!?!?!?! i almost cried for those close to me lost.. ill save you the detals that i wasnt going to if i haddnt red your comment.

stole my idea

i love g mod! soo much fun!


That is amazing! you used sound from sereous sam. that is a great game!

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wow i realy hate that music sory...

ne way i have a q. is this ment for flash mx 2004 because i did this a coupple of times and the mouse dosnt work it is just a still pic of the crosshar. ill go try agin and hope it works if it dose i can assoure you that ill have a supper fun game! thanks for tut.

Cia-Vamp responds:

np about the music :)
btw, yes it is made for Macro.Flash MX4. Make sure that your crosshair is a movie clip and that u copy the whole script. Also, check if you pasted the script on your MC and not on the frame where your MC is on...Hope this helps


I worked at micyd's and i enjoyed this a lot more than working! i dont work there ne more cuz i got payed shit and only got 3 hours a week!


nice and smooth! i have a 2.8 prosessor exactly and it ran nicely. but the creator"? wtf where u thinking! he is soooooo gay and impossible on a top of the line macene with no lag. i wonder how slower coms can possibly do it...

20856 and 4702
(i left for lunch!)

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ok ok..

now you HAVE to tell me? WTF is ur music sooo much better than mine?!?! do u use fl5 and if so what sample is the opening one?

Draze responds:

Yup FL5 is one of my programs, and i'm better because i've been playing around with FL for 4 years (not without 6 month gaps ofcourse :). And i don't never use any fl samples, well sometimes, but when i do it never sounds like its orig.

Thx for reviewin.
~ X-Digital

kinda shallo.

nice deep sounds and it is realy good but my sub aind dooin a thing. i still love it tho.

Draze responds:

You're the second person to menton a lack of bass :\ its a blaster on my headphones.

Thx for reviewing.
~ X-Digital


NO JOKE!! This is better! The best song ive hered! go review my 2 newest songs plz! Axel f and tsugru

PERVOK responds:

Self ad, any?

Ah, sure ill drop you a review.


i lied in the profile but who dosn't! ____________________________ music is what we do, eat, drink, sleep, see, hear and feel! yea i am hi

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